Price list for 2016


Company Registrations 
New Private Company Registration - (Pty) Ltd R799.00
New Non-Profit Company Registration R1,250.00
Appointment/resignation of director R350.00
Change of address of registered office R350.00
Other Changes Per quotation
CC related registrations 
Basic CC amendments (Change in composition of members, 
accounting officer, member, members of CCs addresses, 
members contributions and % ownership)
Comprehensive CC amendment (including change name of CC and change in principal business)   R550.00
Conversion from CC to (Pty) Ltd   R1,295.00

Other Registrations
Income Tax Registrations R350.00
PAYE/UIF/SDL Registration R1497.00
VAT Registration R1,995.00
PAYE Registration R1497.00
Co-Operative Registration R1,180.00
Workmans Compensation R1200.00
Tax Clearance application (tender/good standing) R1200.00
Tax Clearance application (foreign investment) R450.00
UIF Registration with Department of Labour R450.00
EME BEE Certificate (Turnover under R5 million) R899.00
CIDB Registration R1,200.00
1 Municipality database registration R500.00
Retrieval of CK / CM documents R250.00
Resubmit name if name has expired or rejected by The Commission R150.00
Trust Registrations R1,200.00
Import / Export Licence registration R900.00
BEE Certificate (Annual turnover under R5 million) R799.00
New Company Combo 1 R2,250.00
1 Government Database Registration R500.00
Submission of annual returns - CC\'s and small companies R220.00
Submission of annual returns - Large Companies R450.00
Change the Year End - PTY R450.00
Change Name - PTY R500.00
Change of Shareholding R140.00
Change/Appointment of Auditor R250.00
Change/Appointment of Auditor letter R550.00
Non-Profit Organisation - With Department of Social Development R2,500.00
Deregistration of Company or CC R1,200.00
5 Municipality database registration R2,100.00
10 Municipality database registration R3,800.00
New Company Combo 2 R1,650.00
5 Government Database Registration R2,100.00
10 Government Database Registrations R3,500.00
Share Certificates (1-2 incl initial minutes) R250.00
Additional Share Certificate (above 2) R75.00
Change of Company Name R500.00
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